Experiential Summer Programme

Summer Education Programme – COVID Protocols

As Spring progresses and we move nearer to the Summer, we have been working effortlessly to try and move forward with our Summer Education Programme. The UWC Atlantic Experience team has worked together with the course partners to put COVID protocols and various scenario outcomes. Most notably, we will be taking out GuardMe insurance on behalf of International Students; more information can be found below.

COVID Protocols Document

We have put together this document that will help answer any questions you may have relating to the programme and our protocols around COVID19. Please be aware that due to the constant change of information relating to COVID19 this is a LIVE document and information included in the document will be updated and information added accordingly. Changes will be accessible via this same link.

GuardMe Insurance

As per our COVID protocols document, you will see we have taken out additional COVID insurance for International Students. Full details of the policy can be found attached. Please note, insurance will not be taken out until the course is paid in full. It should be highlighted, the GuardMe insurance covers cancellation due to positive COVID test but does not cover Government enforced travel restrictions.

Scenario Flow Charts

To better understand outcomes for various scenarios related to COVID19, please find attached flowcharts for UK students and International Students

Terms and Conditions

Please find attached our updated terms and conditions document.