St Donat's Castle now home to UWC Atlantic


When can you visit?

Throughout the year, UWC Atlantic Experience hosts a range of events and activities for the local community. Pre-booking these events via our website is essential.

Whilst we value our place within the local community, it is our important to balance this with our priority of safeguarding our students to ensure they are safe within their environment, their home. That is why, when we do not have events scheduled, we are not open to visitors and unplanned visitors will be denied entry to the grounds.

UWC Atlantic Experience

UWC Atlantic Experience is the home of events, outdoor activities, education and training programmes, corporate development and arts and entertainment at UWC Atlantic College (United World College of the Atlantic) based in the grounds of St Donat’s Castle. Our venue is hard to beat – a stunning Grade 1 listed 12th Century castle by the sea in South Wales, surrounded by 122 acres of seafront, woodland, valley and farmland that we’ve been sharing with the community since 1962.

We’ve now developed our commercial activities into a wraparound service, sharing our team’s expertise, outstanding resources and exceptional facilities at St Donat’s Castle to offer an unforgettable experience that’s as unique as you are – ultimately to support scholarship funding for the diverse group of students who join us every year from across the globe. UWC Atlantic Experience will help to give these students the unique UWC educational experience that will transform their lives and give you the ultimate experience that will transform yours!

As a College and a charity, a key focus of our activities beyond teaching and learning is to generate income to fund scholarships for the students that study here. UWC Atlantic, founded in 1962, is the flagship college of the inspirational UWC movement comprising 18 schools and colleges worldwide and is the co-creator of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. Every year, students aged 16-19 from over 90 nationalities come here to study the IBDP for two years and are selected on their personal motivation and potential. The diversity of the student body is based on our ability to reach out to attract and encourage new students from vastly differing environments, political, religious, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds and to provide access to this transformative education, thanks to a robust scholarship programme. UWC Atlantic Experience is here to support that.

All around to our place

Our focus for the future is to build an even stronger educational offer, to attract the best employees and to preserve the fabric of our historic buildings - what we call our People, Purpose and Place approach. Having the opportunity to invite more people around to our ‘Place’ for a range of unique experiences, is a hugely exciting way forward.

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