Atlantic Emporium – LIVE!

UWC Atlantic Experience is really excited to provide an online shop for the global UWC Atlantic community.

We are always inundated with requests for College merchandise, so we have developed a catalogue of branded and collaborated products. We’re extremely proud of our UWC Atlantic brand and with a range of carefully selected, personalised products to wear, share and give as gifts, we can be seen and experienced everywhere!

Atlantic Emporium is more than just a revenue stream.

UWC is our brand and thus we live to the same values of the UWC mission to offer a catalogue of sustainable, ethical and responsible products that also help support future scholarships and capital projects.

Our vision is to create an online shopping experience that is multifaceted in its purpose, inclusive for all and aligned to the UWC values.

Whilst we hope you enjoy browsing the catalogue of products we have to offer, it is important to know that Atlantic Emporium is still in its infancy with plenty of plans for new products for the future.




A collection of branded merchandise that our community know and love. This collection has been developed to offer products that better suit the values and mission of the movement.


Celebrating the birthplace of UWC, this collection aims to collaborate with local Welsh traders who share the same values as the UWC movement, to share products with alumni who once called The Vale home.


Celebrating and sharing products created by those who have shared the same transformational journey, this collection is all about things created by alumni, staff and current UWC Atlantic students.



It is important to us that our shop operates with sustainability strongly in mind. So that our products can reach our community, near and far, many items that will be posted to customers will be done so in reused packaging. We aim to repurpose as much packaging as possible from around our campus, which means from time to time, your package may arrive with alternative branding on the box. We hope you can too understand the value in repurposing packaging and find another use for it too!
If it arrives in new packaging, know that it is made from recycled material, along with the packaging paper too.


We hope you enjoy browsing our new range of products… with many more new products yet to come!