Experiential Summer Programme

Apply Now Pay Later: Summer Education Programme 2021

Whilst we are geared up to provide you with a summer full of opportunities and learning experiences with our Summer Education Programme, we are also not naive to the ever-changing landscape of our future and the uncertainties that lay ahead due to COVID19.

We want to assure you we are in full motion and aim to deliver our Experiential Learning Programme in Summer 2021, but to offer you the flexibility we have introduced an Apply Now, Pay later scheme. We hope with this approach, you will feel confident to apply to attend one of our summer programmes without any financial commitment until May 2021, when we will better understand how the summer may look.

Whatsmore, provided you apply before 24th January 2021 you will receive a 10% early booking discount – what better reason than to apply now!

If you have any queries, our team would be happy to help. You can reach us on info@uwcatlanticexperience.com