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MediCamp 2021 Scholarships

Opening up a world of possibilities to local and national UK students - apply today for a full MediCamp 2021 scholarship

MediCamp at UWC Atlantic is pleased to be able to offer two full Scholarship worth £2,450 to two 16-18 year-old students – one attending a UK school and another attending a local Cardiff and Vale school.

Taking place between the 31st July to the 14th August 2021, MediCamp is a residential 14-day medical programme delivered by sector-leading professors, clinicians, partners and practitioners to dissect the anatomy of the medical world.

Combined with adventurous personal development sessions offered at UWC Atlantic including canoeing, rock climbing and kayaking, MediCamp sets itself apart from many other summer courses. MediCamp equips young people with self-confidence, problem-solving and teamwork – all crucial skills for medics in the making.

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  • Full scholarship for a student attending UK school
  • Full scholarship for a student attending a Cardiff and Vale school
  • Application deadline 11th April 2021
  • Shortlisting 12-18th April 2021
  • Voting Opens 19th – 26th April 2021


To apply for the Full National Student Scholarship for MediCamp 2021, please complete the application form by clicking the apply button below.  Please note, if you attend a school in Cardiff or the Vale (private or public) you will be automatically entered into the Local Scholarship competition.

In this form, applicants will be asked to upload a short video (approx. 60-90 seconds) or poster aimed at educating the people of the United Kingdom about vaccinations. The task is titled ‘Covid Vaccine Education UK’. The resource should at least address the following information:

  • Educate individuals about the basics of vaccinations (what they are, how they work, why they are given, etc.)
  • Introduce the Covid vaccines being used in the UK
  • The importance of Covid vaccine uptake by individuals during the current pandemic

The top entries will then be put to a public vote via a poll, where the poster or video with the most votes will decide the successful applicant.


Applicants whose video or poster reaches the final voting round will have a chance to secure up to three extra votes by simply downloading and sharing an ‘I’ve applied’ infographic on any social media platform, captioned with the hashtag #UWCAMediCamp2021. This infographic will be sent to the applicant upon application submission.

For every social media platform the applicant posts from (e.g Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), one extra vote will be given. For Instagram and Facebook, this photo can be posted in either format, whether that be as a Story or Post! The choice is yours!

For private accounts, proof will be required by providing a screenshot of the post or story.

For the full scholarship terms and conditions, please read the document below.

Apply for a local or national scholarship today and join us for MediCamp 2021!


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